Tournament Result Top scorer Coach
2014 Olympic Games 5 Alexander Radulov Zinetula Bilyaletdinov
2014 World Juniors Bronze Mikhail Grigorenko Mikhail Varnakov
2013 World Championship 6 Ilya Kovalchuk Zinetula Bilyaletdinov
2013 World Juniors Bronze N.Kucherov/N.Yakupov Mikhail Varnakov
2012 World Championship GOLD Evgeni Malkin Zinetula Bilyaletdinov
2012 World Juniors Silver Evgeni Kuznetsov Valeri Bragin
2011 World Championship 4 Ilya Kovalchuk Vyacheslav Bykov
2011 World Juniors GOLD V.Tarasenko/E.Kuznetsov Valeri Bragin
2010 World Championship Silver Ilya Kovalchuk Vyacheslav Bykov
2010 Olympic Games 6 Evgeni Malkin Vyacheslav Bykov
2010 World Juniors 6 Kirill Petrov Vladimir Plyushchev
2009 World Championship GOLD Ilya Kovalchuk Vyacheslav Bykov
2009 World Juniors Bronze Nikita Filatov Sergei Nemchinov
2008 World Championship GOLD Alexander Semin Vyacheslav Bykov
2008 World Juniors Bronze Nikita Filatov Sergei Nemchinov
2007 World Championship Bronze Alexei Morozov Vyacheslav Bykov
2007 World Juniors Silver Alexei Cherepanov Evgeni Pipikhin
2006 World Championship 5 Alexander Ovechkin Vladimir Krikunov
2006 Olympics – Torino 4 Pavel Datsyuk Vladimir Krikunov
2006 World Juniors Silver Evgeni Malkin Sergei Mikhalev
2005 World Championship Bronze Alexander Ovechkin Vladimir Krikunov
2005 World Juniors Silver Alexander Ovechkin Valeri Bragin
2004 World Cup 5-8 Alexei Kovalev Zinetula Bilyadetdinov
2004 World Championship 10 Ilya Kovalchuk Viktor Tikhonov
2004 World Juniors 5 Alexander Ovechkin Rafail Ishmatov
2003 World Championship 6 Alexander Frolov Vladimir Plyushchev
2003 World Juniors GOLD Igor Grigorenko Rafail Ishmatov
2002 World Championship Silver Maxim Sushinsky Boris Mikhailov
2002 Olympic Games Bronze Alexei Kovalev Vyacheslav Fetisov
2002 World Juniors GOLD Alexander Frolov Vladimir Plyushchev
2001 World Championship 6 Ravil Gusmanov Boris Mikhailov
2001 World Juniors 7 Stanislav Chistov Petr Vorobiev
2000 World Championship 11 Pavel Bure Alexander Yakushev
2000 World Juniors Silver Evgni Mouratov Petr Vorobiev
1999 World Championship 5 Alexei Yashin Alexander Yakushev
1999 World Juniors GOLD Maxim Afinogenov Gennadi Tsygurov
1998 World Championship 5 Alexei Yashin Vladimir Yurzinov
1998 Olympic Games Silver Pavel Bure Vladimir Yurzinov
1998 World Juniors Silver Maxim Balmochnykh ?
1997 World Championship 4 Alexander Prokopiev Igor Dmitriev
1997 World Juniors Bronze Alexei Morozov ?
1996 World Cup 3-4 Sergei Fedorov Boris Mikhailov
1996 World Championship 4 Alexei Yashin Valeri Vasiliev
1996 World Juniors Bronze Ruslan Shafikov ?
1995 World Championship 5 Sergei Berezin Boris Mikhailov
1995 World Juniors Silver ? ?
1994 World Championship 5 Valeri Kamensky Boris Mikhailov
1994 Olympic Games 4 Ravil Gusmanov Viktor Tikhonov
1994 World Juniors Bronze Valeri Bure ?
1993 World Championship GOLD Andrei Khomutov Boris Mikhailov
1993 World Juniors 6 ? ?
1992 World Championship 5 Andrei Kovalenko Viktor Tikhonov

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  1. May 17, 2011 at 18:00

    If possible I would like to see the Russians make themselves a schedule so they can thoroughly prepare their Ice Hockey teams with their PHYSICAL CONDITIONING and TACTICS like they did in the Past so I can see them at their very best during the World Championships and Olympics!

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