Remembering Lokomotiv

In memory of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team that perished in the air crash of September 7, 2011.


Number Player Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
1 Stefan Liv G 12/21/1980 Gdynia, POL
3 Pavel Trakhanov D 03/21/1978 Moscow, RUS
4 Karel Rachunek D 08/27/1979 Zlin, CZE
11 Alexander Galimov F 05/02/1985 Yaroslavl, RUS
13 Daniil Sobchenko F 04/13/1991 Kiev, UKR
15 Jan Marek F 12/31/1979 Jindrichuv-Hradec, CZE
17 Ivan Tkachenko F 11/09/1979 Yaroslavl, RUS
18 Alexander Vasyunov F 04/22/1988 Yaroslavl, RUS
20 Robert Dietrich D 07/25/1986 Ordzhonikidze, KAZ
21 Gennady Churilov F 05/05/1987 Magnitogorsk, RUS
23 Nikita Klyukin F 11/10/1989 Rybinsk, RUS
24 Ruslan Salei D 11/02/1974 Minsk, BLR
28 Alexander Kalyanin F 09/24/1987 Chelyabinsk, RUS
32 Sergei Ostapchuk F 03/19/1990 Novopolotsk, BLR
35 Alexander Vyukhin G 01/09/1973 Ekaterinburg, RUS
37 Karlis Skrastins D 07/09/1974 Riga, LAT
38 Pavol Demitra F 11/29/1974 Dubnica, CZE
39 Mikhail Balandin D 07/27/1980 Lipetsk, RUS
52 Maxim Shuvalov D 04/23/1993 Rybinsk, RUS
57 Vitali Anikeenko D 01/02/1987 Kiev, UKR
63 Josef Vasicek F 09/12/1980 Havlickuv Brod, CZE
72 Artem Yarchuk F 05/03/1990 Yaroslavl, RUS
74 Marat Kalimulin D 08/12/1988 Togliatti, RUS
81 Yuri Urychev D 04/03/1991 Yaroslavl, RUS
83 Andrei Kiryukhin F 08/04/1987 Yaroslavl, RUS
Brad McCrimmon Coach 03/29/1959 Dodsland, CAN
Alexander Karpovtsev Coach 04/07/1970 Moscow, RUS
Igor Korolev Coach 09/06/1970 Moscow, RUS
Nikita Krivonosov Trainer 07/07/1980 Minsk, BLR

2 Responses to “Remembering Lokomotiv”

  1. November 24, 2015 at 09:29

    This is a amazing website and was exactly what i was looking for.

  2. January 6, 2017 at 19:04

    Great start but am somewhat surprised that you skated past the Soviet Hockey Air Disaster of 1950 as much of the world does; this was an amazing event which saw a neophyte hockey nation have to rebuild its team on the fly and still within 4 years start to dominate world hockey.

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